SCHELL shower panel LINUS DP-SC

SCHELL shower panel LINUS DP-SC

₹ 16000
self-closing Shower panel made from solid extruded aluminium profile with high quality anodized surface and integrated SCHELL shower fitting. Type LINUS D-SC. Assembly-and service-friendly due to the pivoting front panel, suitable for connections from the rear and for wall-mounted connections from above. LINUS DP-SC-M, function: selfclosing - mixed water, with shower head COMFORT, 13°


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Material: Panel made of aluminium / water path out of dezincification resistant brass conform German drinking water regulation / operation out of brass, chrome-plated
Test Mark: Belgaqua
Noise Class: 1
Surface: alu anodized
Weight: 14.3 kg/pc.
Dimension: DN 15 G 1/2 ext. thread

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