Whirlpools & Pattern

KOHLER whirlpool jets are individually adjustable to target specific areas of your body. Delivering the optimal mix of air and water, they adjust 360 degrees for water flow intensity level and 60 degrees for water flow direction.

Available on select models, the Bodyssage backjet system features ten KOHLER backjets that loosen tension throughout the back and shoulders and encourage deep breathing. To simulate the natural progression of a hands-on massage, our backjets fire two by two, starting with the jets located at the lowest position, then targeting the lower back, and moving up to jets that target the shoulders.

Available on select models, a factory-installed neckjet pillow with two integral neckjets pulses alternately from left to right for a stimulating, stress-relieving massage at the back of the neck. Customize your experience by adjusting the pulse and water flow to your level of comfort.

Chromatherapy uses the soothing qualities of color to let you mind and body relax. An eight-color sequence lasts about one minute, then repeats. Or, you can set it on one color that suits your mood. Each color is believed to have a unique effect on the bather, from altertness to calming.

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