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The simplicity of water enjoyment
XXL Enjoyment & 100% Control - that‘s how you want to shower. You want to enjoy your favourite spray pattern – revitalizing or relaxing, stimulating or soothing – and you want to switch patterns easily. You want your shower at exactly the right temperature – whether tension-busting hot, blood pumping cold or just comfortably warm. And of course you’re conscious of using exactly the right amount of water that you need.
With the new GROHE Rainshower® SmartControl 360 shower system you’ll enjoy this personalised and luxurious showering experience every day. The new innovative controls offer direct intuitive spray-pattern selection with a personalised volume setting and memory function. Simply push to start and stop then turn to adjust the water flow.

Allure Brilliant

Uniting the essential elements of a great shower.
Luxurious, tailor-made showering from a single product; you might think this sounds too good to be true but with a GROHE shower system that’s exactly what you get.
Rainshower® Systems unite the essential elements of a great shower, plus a host of other benefits to enhance your comfort and pleasure.
All of our thermostatic systems feature GROHE thermostats – designed with the world’s most sensitive thermometer in mind: your skin. For the ultimate in indulgent showering, our top-of-the-range system is guaranteed to reconcile your body and soul with its adjustable body showers – so all family members can benefit from this new take on hydrotherapy.

Tempesta System

The perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms.With its crisp, cylindrical profile and distinctive beveled detailing, the new Tempesta Cosmopolitan Shower System is the perfect choice for modern, architectural bathrooms.
Like all GROHE shower systems, it is easy to install and packed with great technology. The 160mm head shower can be swivelled to create the perfect angle while the hand shower features two spray patterns including the new air-infused GROHE Rain O2 spray. GROHE DreamSpray® creates a perfect spray pattern to ensure maximum showering satisfaction. The thermostat’s GROHE TurboStat® technology means you can take a luxurious shower secure in the knowledge the water will stay at the pre-selected temperature even if the water pressure changes.

Power&Soul® Cosmopolitan

Probably the most innovative shower in the world.How do you like your shower? A refreshing burst of water to energize and stimulate – cleansing your body and awakening your mind; or something a little more relaxing – soft, restorative air-infused bubbles that gently caress your skin.
GROHE Power&Soul® showers have been created with full appreciation of your moods and needs.
With its cohesive use of flat cylindrical shapes and stepped detailing GROHE Power&Soul® Cosmopolitan is the perfect choice for modern architectural bathrooms. The 190 mm head shower is accompanied by three sizes of hand shower, featuring a choice of up to four truly innovative spray patterns: GROHE Rain O2, Rain, GROHE Bokoma Spray®, and Jet.
The range is completed by body showers in an identical Cosmopolitan design.


The preferred choice for architectural space.
Simple and understated, the modern cylindrical design of the Sena hand shower makes it the preferred choice for architectural spaces.
Despite its diminutive size, Sena delivers a powerful spray thanks to the GROHE DreamSpray® technology inside – which ensures the water is evenly distributed across all the jets. Its crisp profile is highlighted by the immaculate GROHE StarLight® chrome finish, while SpeedClean nozzles prevent the accumulation of limescale.

Rainshower® Next Generation Icon

The ultimate style statement
Rainshower® Next Generation Icon is the ultimate style statement. The award-winning design provides a unique interface to water by challenging the very notion of a solid volume product.
The halo-shaped spray face reduces the aesthetic volume and delivers a large full spray thanks to the perfectly aligned shower nozzles and GROHE DreamSpray® technology.

Tempesta Cosmopolitan

The ideal choice for modern, architectural bathrooms.With its crisp, cylindrical profile and chamfered detailing, New Tempesta Cosmopolitan is the ideal choice for modern, architectural bathrooms.
Three hand shower models will enable you to find your perfect combination of spray patterns and are complemented by a four-spray head shower. For instant refreshment first thing in the morning or gentle relaxation at the end of the day, GROHE DreamSpray® technology ensures maximum showering enjoyment.
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